Why Green Country Vendors?



  • At Green Country Vendors customer satisfaction is our number one priority!
  • We respond to service calls within 2 HOURS!!
    • Less down time for your organization on the vending equipment!
  • Customers deserve the ability to use our vending equipment at the time they want to purchase an item!
  • Our goal is to reduce the amount of time that it takes to fix a vending machine at your location!
  • Once a vending machine is called in for maintenance, our service techs arrive with the common parts required to get it going!  We also stock numerous amounts of extra parts in our warehouse to ensure that the vending machine is fixed in a timely manor!
  • Parlevel Vending Merchandising software is on all of our vending equipment!
    • This alerts the staff at Green Country Vendors when a vending machine has no power, if the vending machine has not taken money or if a vending selection is not dispensing!
  • Parlevel also alerts Green Country Vendors when a selection in the vending machine or micro-market is sold out or getting low on inventory!
    • This allows Green Country to service your vending machines or micro-market when it needs serviced!


  • Green Country Vendors provides over 400 different selections for our customers!
  • At Green Country we strive to have the best selections in the Tulsa area in our vending machines and micro-markets!
    • Your selection at your locations
  • We stock all of the top products from..
    • Frito Lay
    • Pepsi
    • Coke
    • Starbucks
    • Monster
    • RedBull
    • Rockstars
    • Ocean Spray
    • Minute Maide
    • Welches
    • Gatorades
    • Cliff Bars
    • Herr’s Chips
    • Kellogg’s
    • Java Daves
    • Folgers
    • Country Fresh Foods
    • Dairy Pure Milks
    • Red Diamond Tea
  • Green Country Vendors is always adding new items for our vending machines and Micro-Markets in the Tulsa area!
  • With the Parlevel Merchandising software, it tracks what sales in the machines and more importantly what is NOT selling!
    • This is a great advantage because your vending machines will not have items that are not selling which means items that no one wants!
    • With this tool, we know what selections in your vending machines or Micro-Markets to take out and replace with a new item or expand on an existing item that your employees love!!
  • Green Country Vendors goal is to make sure that our customers have what they want in their vending machines and micro-markets!


  • At Green Country Vendors in Tulsa, Oklahoma we offer the latest vending machine and Micro-Market equipment the industry has to offer!
  • Every vending machine and micro-market we have in our field has Parlevel Systems merchandising software!
  • With Parlevel Systems we can see live inventory levels and current out of stocks in our vending machines and micro-markets!
  • NO more unwanted or non selling items in your location!  Our vending machines are merchandised to fit your exact buying needs and filled to those specific requirements!
  • Our vending machines alerts our staff if an item is not selling or if a machine is not working correctly!
  • We also make available to ability to use your credit/debit cards!
  • Our card readers are enabled to accept Apple Pay and other like purchasing software so you no longer need cash or even your wallet to purchase from our vending machines!
  • Most of our vending machines are equipped with Sure Vend which is an additional attachment to our snack vending machines to ensure that the item you purchased falls to the delivery tray!  This prevents items from getting stuck and the customer loosing money!

Our staff at Green Country Vendor Inc. strive to be the best vending machine, Micro-Market and office coffee service in North East Oklahoma!  We are strictly in the Tulsa and surrounding area in order to provide fast and efficient service to our customers!  We have over 200 current customers with over 400 vending machines in the market with a wide rang of customers from schools, to hospitals, to manufacturing plants and residential locations!

With over 25 years of experience we have learned that even though we have seen a lot of change in the vending industry there is always something new and exciting to learn!  That is why as of December 2017 we started introducing Micro-Markets to our customers!  We installed our first Micro-Market December 27, 2018.  As of January of 2022 we now have Fourteen Micro-Markets in the field and expanding that number by the month!  All of our Micro-Markets have customized shelves that our customer specifically picked out!  Even though it is much cheaper to build standardized shelves, we believe that our customers deserve the best that the market can provide!  Each of our locations was designed specifically with the client in mind.  With their company logo, mission statement or the charity they strongly support!  We believe that our Micro-Markets primary goal is to create a fun, exciting and energizing break-room to help encourage employees to be more productive at their work!

At Green Country Vendor Inc. you can count on us to deliver on everything a vending company should offer!  Back to when customers and service came first!!  If you would like for one of our staff to come out and visit with you and see what we can do please contact us either thru the website or the number on the top!